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Shavit Vos

About Me


Art Photography 

Based in Israel

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything"


- Aaron Siskind -


48 years old. Mum to 3 boys.  Was born in Kibbutz Zikim.

Today lives in the City of Ramat Gan, Israel.


Photography is her great passion and love in the last couple of years and it's her everyday activity.

This is the way for her to express her art and creativity.

Shavit creates images to make emotional clay impressions of the things she sees.

Her ambition is to be originality, unique and to have cleanliness and accuracy in her works.

Shavit came from an artistic and creative family, her mother is a quilt artist, her sisters are ceramics sculptural artists. In her youth she remembers her dad has always been engaged in film & photo slides photography.


Shavit was always drawn to art, in high school she studied industrial design and art.

Since high school traveling & photography was her love and she always had her camera with her.

Over the years she was engaged in painting and creating silver & gold jewelry.


In 2018, Shavit began to study photography, learning and exploring various photography categories & techniques: Nature & landscape, street, dancers, fashion & beauty, studio and lighting, night and stars photography, macro, infrared photography, ICM & underwater photography.


In 2020 Shavit bought her first professional Sony camera, and since then her love and passion to photography continues to grow, she persistent to study various photography technics in various frameworks including self-learning.


Since 2020, Shavit is taking part in photography exhibitions around the world in galleries in the USA, Greece, Vietnam, France, England, Germany & Israel.

Her Artworks gets great appreciation and love.


2023 |Praxis Gallery , Nude Geographies, Minneapolis MN, USA 

2023 | See|Me Gallery, TRUE NORTH, New York, USA 

2023 | HMVC Gallery NY, "Summer Feels", New York, USA

2023 | See|Me Gallery, NEW REALISM / ALTERED REALITY, New York, USA

2023 | Collect Art, Nude Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

2022 | Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Black, White and All the Grays Between, Providence, Rhode Island, USA   

2022 | Black Box Gallery, Photo Shoot 2022, Portland, Oregon, USA

2022 | Biafarin, MAGIX 2022

2022 | Cultural Center of Cape Cod, "You And Your Camera", Massachusetts, USA

2022 | Marin Society of Artists "Through the lens 2022", California, USA

2022 | HMVC Gallery, "Awake", New York, USA

2022 | Blank Wall Gallery, "Travel", Athens, Greece

2022 | See Me, Gallery Arte Azulejo "Passion", New York, USA

2022 | 118 Art Gallery, "Infinite Possibilities of Uncertainty"

2022 | Earport Gallery, "The Silent Caravan", Duisburg, Germany

2022 | Chania International Photo Festival, "Conceptual", Chania, Greece

2022 | Blank Wall Gallery, "Black & White 2022", Athens, Greece

2022 | Exhibizone,"Kingdom Animalia – 2022"


2021 | Biafarin, "Biafarin Awards 2021"

2021 | Biafarin, "I want to Believe 2021"

2021 | Red Bluff Art Gallery, "VIBRANT LandScAPes"

2021 |  Biafarin , "3rd Annual Sell @ 100 Galleries Online – 2021"

2021 |  Biafarin, "Extinction: Save the Planet – 2021"

2021 | Las Laguna Art Gallery, "Botanical Art & Illustration 2021"

2021 | Biafarin, "Emotions 2021"

2021 | Biafarin, "True Beauty 2021"

2021 | Exhibizone, "Exhibizone 6th International Group Exhibition - Fall 2021"

2021 | Studio RL, Kibbutz Harel, Israel

2021 | Ben Ami Gallery, "Erotica", Tel Aviv, Israel

2021 | Art & About, "Art Festival", Emek Hefer, Israel

2021 | Yeiser Art Center " Art through the lens 2021", Paducah, KY, USA

2021 | Laurent Gallery, "Creative Composition", Melbourne, Australia

2021 | Espaço Espelho D'agua Gallery, "Best of Black & White", Lisbon, Portugal


2020 | Almanaque fotografia, "Solo single subject", Mexico City

2020 | Blank Wall Gallery, "My Favorite Shot", Athens, Greece

2020 | BBA Gallery, "Powerful Compositions" Berlin, Germany

2020 | Matca Pictures Gallery, "Memorable portraits", Hanoi, Vietnam

2020 | Fridge Gallery, "Powerful composition", Washington DC, USA

2020 | Valid World Hall, "Your Best Shot", Barcelona, Spain

2020 | Studio Galerie B&B, "Nature Photography", Paris, France

2020 | Hinterland Gallery, "Street Photography", Vienna, Austria

2020 | Brick Lane Gallery, ""Solo single subject", London, Uk

2020 | Dead Sea Museum, "Dead Sea Life (Israel & Jorden)", Arad, Israel


2023 | See|Me, "New Realism/Altered Reality" - Honorable Mention

2022 | Marin Society of Artists"Through the lens 2022" -

Honorable Mention award by the juror, California, USA

Publications and Media

Collect Art, 27th special edition magazine, Nude Art, Tbilisi, Georgia

Collect Art Book, 101 Contemporary Artists and more, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phobloger Magazine, "life in B&W"

Digitalcameraworld Magazine, "Your Magazine shot"

Digitalcameraworld Magazine, "Spring is in the Air"

Amateurphotographer Magazine, "Macro Photography"

Photography Week magazine, "Mostly White"

121 Clicks, "Power of Architecture"

Digital Camera Magazine, "Personal Perspective"

Dodho Magazine, "Tel a Story"

To order any of my Artworks with free shipping world wide or order a photo session,

Please contact me.

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